About Us

In 2004, I had an idea about making products that would represent the Kurdish freedom fighters known as the Peshmerga. When I brought up the idea many people laughed and thought the idea was ridiculous but I didn't let it deter me. After visiting my family in Kurdistan, I was determined to create something that would represent the Kurdish struggle.

History has not been in their favor as they have had to deal with neighboring governments whom are against Kurdish rights, as well as the ruthless dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and now ISIS.These brave soldiers both men and women, not only fight for their own freedom but for the security of the international community. They stand for PEACE, LOVE & FREEDOM.

Our mission at Peshmerga LLC is to share the past, present and future of the Peshmerga through art & design. With every purchase, Peshmerga LLC will make a charitable contribution to the Peshmerga. We want to educate the world and tell everyone their story!